Good afternoon musers,

I am currently searching for something new to read (which translates to me browsing through kindle unlimited on my kindle). The last thing I read which I really enjoyed was Winston Graham’s Poldark series. I thought he painted a very vivid picture of Cornwall and sharply outlined the conditions of poor Cornish folk, which felt more pronounced when juxtaposed against the rich tapestry of the wealthy. One of the things I liked most about Graham’s series was his writing style.

“There were no tears in her. The wound went too deep, or she was not so constituted to give way to it. Hers would be the perpetual ache of loss and loneliness, slowly dulled with time until it became a part of her character, a faint sourness tinged with withered pride.”

-Winston Graham

Such a heartbreakingly poetic image of Demelza’s sorrow. Graham explains grief perfectly here-it’s a sense of being permanently bruised.

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