Dayo’s Djinn

So, there’s a writing room/group that I’m part of on Clubhouse, and each week the moderator gives us some images which we can use as a writing prompt.

This was the image I picked last week:

The following is the story I began based on this image. It doesn’t exactly match with the scenery, but it was where my mind took me.

I think I’m going to call it ‘Dayo’s Djinn.’

After twenty minutes of walking through the woods, Bemi was tired. Her feet felt stiff and uncomfortable, and the tips of her toes were straining against the rigid leather of her boots. “Where could this boy have gone?” She muttered to herself. She had only taken her eyes off of Dayo for two seconds, and in that time he had managed to disappear from her view completely. She closed her eyes briefly, allowing herself an inward sigh of frustration.

Ever since Bemi’s mum had married Dayo’s dad, her life had transformed into what felt like a series of interruptions. First had come the intrusion of her stepdad; his arrival seemed to have diluted the close-knit relationship between herself and her mum, which she sorely resented. If that wasn’t bad enough, she’d then had to adapt to being a big sister, a role that she hadn’t asked for, which seemed to come with a copious amount of responsibility. “Bemi, make sure you collect Dayo from school on your way home.” “Ah ah Bemi, are you not going to share the sweets with your brother? That’s not fair now.” “Bemi you’re too old to still be watching these cartoons, Oya! give the remote to your brother.”

It was never-ending. Still, even though she couldn’t stand the brat, it didn’t mean she wanted anything bad to happen to him.

And after searching the woods for thirty minutes with no sign of him, she was beginning to feel scared.

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